Reaction: PDE4

Descriptive name:

3',5'-cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase




35cgmp_c + h2o_c → gmp_c + h_c


Default bounds:

(0.0, 1000.0)

Objective coefficient:



Nucleotide interconversion

Gene Reaction Rule:

5139_AT1 or 5146_AT1 or 5152_AT17 or 50940_AT1 or 5152_AT6 or 5136_AT1 or 5152_AT11 or 5152_AT2 or 8654_AT2 or 10846_AT1 or 5152_AT10 or (5145_AT1 and 5158_AT1 and 5149_AT1) or 5140_AT1 or 5152_AT12 or 5152_AT15 or 5137_AT1 or 5136_AT2 or 5138_AT1 or 5152_AT5 or 5153_AT1 or 5152_AT20 or 5152_AT19 or 5152_AT16 or 8654_AT3 or 5152_AT14 or 5152_AT13 or 5152_AT7 or 5152_AT3 or 5140_AT2 or 8654_AT1 or 5152_AT18 or (5145_AT1 and 5146_AT1 and 5158_AT1 and 5147_AT1 and 5148_AT1) or 5152_AT4


5137_AT1 (PDE1C)
5140_AT2 (PDE3B)
10846_AT1 (PDE10A)
5153_AT1 (PDE1B)
5140_AT1 (PDE3B)
5138_AT1 (PDE2A)
5139_AT1 (PDE3A)
50940_AT1 (PDE11A)
5136_AT1 (PDE1A)
5136_AT2 (PDE1A)
5152_AT14 (PDE9A)
5146_AT1 (PDE6C)
5152_AT10 (PDE9A)
5152_AT12 (PDE9A)
5152_AT15 (PDE9A)
5152_AT4 (PDE9A)
5152_AT3 (PDE9A)
5145_AT1 (PDE6A)
5152_AT5 (PDE9A)
5152_AT17 (PDE9A)
5152_AT18 (PDE9A)
8654_AT1 (PDE5A)
8654_AT3 (PDE5A)
5152_AT16 (PDE9A)
5149_AT1 (PDE6H)
8654_AT2 (PDE5A)
5147_AT1 (PDE6D)
5152_AT6 (PDE9A)
5152_AT19 (PDE9A)
5152_AT13 (PDE9A)
5152_AT2 (PDE9A)
5148_AT1 (PDE6G)
5152_AT11 (PDE9A)
5152_AT7 (PDE9A)
5158_AT1 (PDE6B)
5152_AT20 (PDE9A)

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